Saturday, December 7, 2013

Travel Eats: Sydney

Spent a week in Sydney (with a side trip to the vineyards of the Hunter Valley) exploring my first city(s) in Australia.

Home base was a comfy couch in my friend's beautiful new home (with an awesome view of Manly Beach). It was the perfect place to lay and scratch belly after a full day of eating. 

Something healthy to kick off my first meal in Sydney

....followed by something not so healthy! 

Pita with saucers of Greek dips

Olives, Greek meatballs and red vino

"What did the cheese say to the mirror?"
"Haloumi" ;-)

Grilled octopus

Moussaka maddness

A lovely breakfast platter from the Swedish joint in the neighborhood

Fresh oysters yessireee

I believe this was a starter of apples/pears with goat cheese and walnuts


Some tea to wash down all the rich food

Make your own brekkie at the Hunter Valley 
Cheese et al for Melbourne Cup festivities

Australians love their coffee apparently!

Flavours upon flavours of dukkah

Wine wine wine wine wine...

Rabbit tartaglia

Sea bass with blood oranges and capers

Home made gnocchi with pancetta and mushrooms 


Crab cakes

Savoury pancakes with smoked salmon, rocket and chive sour cream 
Mexican churros 

Homemade wings...

Homemade meatballs and gravy

I could've leave without having a meatpie

Lemon curd tart, ginger creme brulee, cappuccino and a soy flat white

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