Friday, October 28, 2011

Visual DNA

I'm a sucker for personality tests.

I recently took the Times Visual DNA test.

Here are my results:


You have an innate ability to see beauty in things of all shapes and sizes, and your love of the arts doesn't prevent you from having a warm down-to-earth attitude and a calm, peaceful outlook on life. Nature is close to your heart, and you are equally likely to find art in the outside world as you are in a gallery. You are an emotional spirit and you make really strong connections. Good friends and lots of laughs are the recipe for really happy days. And nights!

You're sophisticated and inquisitive with a real passion for art and culture. You pride yourself on being an early adopter of the latest music and films and always like to have a good book on the go. Your ability to bring together very diverse and even dissenting opinions is rooted in your appreciation for all points of view. You believe in immersing yourself in interesting experiences that make you look at people, places and opportunities from new angles. Being sensitive and creative you want to feel connected to the world around you and actively seek out opportunities to explore it. It's all about broadening your horizons and living life to the full. Anything else would not fulfill your curious nature. You'll love the list of The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made, the Critics' Picks and Arts Beat.

Whacha think? Sounds pretty close ya? 

Making my way home (Singapore) 

Inside Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam) 

Love love love flowers (Amsterdam)

Rolls upon rolls of colours textiles (Seoul) 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Summer '11: Amsterdam, Netherlands

My usual frame of mind when I travel is "Spending money to go all the way here, so will jam pack my days with every possible thing to do". You will most definitely see this true of many of the trips I've blogged about in the past. 

Amsterdam leg was initially planned to roll out in the same manner, day trip to other towns in the Netherlands as well as trip to the nearby towns in Belgium. But the few days hubbed in Amsterdam played out a little differently than planned. Blame it on Amsterdam's super relaxed vibe, beautiful surroundings and fabulous weather that particular weekend? Or possibly easy-going hosts (with cozy home and yummy home cooked food) combined with our bodies needing to recharge from a week of running around Italy and France? Maybe. But at the end of the day, it was EXACTLY what we needed for our vacation - an honest to goodness BREAK. 

My first time as well in the Netherlands and I totally fell in love with it. 
  • Albert Cuypt Market
  • Lots of wandering around Amsterdam and easy-going days 
  • Merienda with an old classmate (whom I haven't seen in 11 years!)
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Vondelpark
  • Anne Frank Museum
  • Dinner at Bistro Bij ons & awesome Citron Tarte & chihi at Palazzo Plazo
  • Watching Gay Pride Parade with awesome all veggie dinner!
  • More walking about Amsterdam (Red Light District, Jordaan, etc) 

Airport Musings

I'm thinking I've blogged about this before, but thought it would be worth repeating, only because it never fails to stress me out each and every time. I HATE CUTTING IT CLOSE FOR A FLIGHT.

I have friends who don't like wasting their time sitting in an airport, but I love love love it. There's a wonderful sense of anonymous limbo when you're inbetween 2 destinations. I like meandering through shops, reading, grabbing a cup of coffee, getting a foot massage, listening to music, etc etc.  he best part is that no one is bugging you (usually) and that you get to spend some quiet me-time before the whirlwind of activity waiting for you when you land.

Thanks to the recent loss of my wallet (and thus, the employment pass I usually need to have with me everytime I enter / exit Singapore), I finally understood what all the hullaballo was about changing passports so they would be machine-readable.

Getting through immigration recently has been a breeze, thanks to the passport reading machines! 20 seconds, tops! I kid you not! You step up to the machine, scan your passport and finger print. If all is well, the little screen personal personally welcomes you to Singapore or wishes you bon voyage. Love it!

Never noticed they had these when going through immigration in Singapore before. And if the Philippine government asked Filipinos to get these recently (ok, not so recently), does it mean they have these machines in the Philippines as well? Why do I doubt that they do? Anyway, yes - I wonder what the parameters are about when we can (or can't) use the machines.

Couple of things I'd like to blog about, including finishing up my Summer '11 series plus 2 trips over the last 2 weekends. Have a pretty busy next few weeks but hopefully I'll get around to it soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

.... & friends

In one of my barkadas, we used to heckle each other about the other being the "& friends" in the...

(insert famous person's name here) & friends

.... equation. Naturally each of us claiming to be the name used in the "insert famous person's name here" part of the equation. 

Ehm... so as evidenced in picture below... I guess must level up next time around? lol.

Thank you to my "insert famous person's name here" for sending me this picture - grabbed from a Malaysian newspaper if I'm not mistaken (source unsure). 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Summer '11: Vatican City

They weren't kidding when they said the Catholic Church is loaded. The Vatican City and its vast collection of art and history is RIDICULOUS. Exploring the Vatican with a tour group was the way to go when we went; crazy lines and ridiculous heat will make you pay almost anything to get into the museums faster. With so much to see and pushy crowds inside, it was great to have live commentary feeding into my ears as my eyes took everything else in. Plus I love hearing historical gossip/trivia, which our guide peppered her tour with.

Loved the gallery of maps and all the intricate floor mosaics. Special mention as well goes to St Peter's Basilica. Loved the ornate ceilings and the details around the domes and was bewildered at how absolutely MASSIVE it was. In the same way I was surprised by the Sistine Chapel's small size. The difference between a basilica and chapel couldn't have been any more well defined by these two examples.

Trip to the Vatican marked the end of our Italy leg and half way mark of our summer travels.