Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Months In

Two months in and the accounts I have on my plate include:

  • Environmental graphics & signage and wayfinding for 2 retails establishments and a hotel group
  • Coffee table book
  • Branding requirements, marketing campaign and environmental graphics for a new property development
  • Name & logo development and brand application for a hotel group and private corporation
  • Christmas installations for two districts
And have finished, or in the process of finishing:
  • Collaterals for a foreign expo 
  • A museum exhibit
  • A book
  • An AVP for the first pseudo-public event for a new property
Busy months? Yes. Unnaturally so. Boring months? Not at all. 

All sorts of projects ranging in an array of complexities, in an assortment of industries where I get to meet all sorts of people. Realizing how the familiar was very unfamiliar 60 days ago is also always pleasantly surprising. Recognizing the miles of progress I'd like to make on a number of different facets is really exciting. 

Entering a new month, my third month. Going to pick up the pace on all fronts. Let's do this! 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Book Look

As Hermana #2 is typically the book buyer in the family, many of the books I've read over the past years usually come from her shelf.

Now Hermana #2's book are very special - there is a special way in which they are covered (in plastic with scotch tape NOT touching the book), special way in which they are branded (date and name in front, price and where it was purchased at the back - in a purple pen nonetheless) and a special way they are arranged on her bookshelf (you take one out, or move it around, she'll know).

Naturally - when I purchase books, I want them to be special too. So Hermana #2 very nicely covers them for me, and I too mark them in my own special way.

Recently though - I borrowed a book to read from Hermana #3. Now Hermana #2 would FREAK if her books looked anything like that of Hermana #3s. No special cover save that of an extremely creased book spine, no special branding save that of corners upon corners of folded pages.

Worn and torn.. and yet.. still special.

There was something very liberating about reading a book I could simply ENJOY. It was relaxing paging through a book I could put down for two second by leaving it open face down on a table without fear of Hermana #2 yelling bloody murder from upstairs (I swear.. I think she posses her books sometimes). No metaphysical unease knowing I could toss the book into my bag and not have to worry about rubber-banding it together for fear it being mauled and torn apart by the chaos that is my bag.

So this blog entry is in no way a means to thumb my nose at Hermana #2's ways.. goodness knows she would have had a really violent reaction to reading a book like that of Hermana #3's. Different strokes for different folks right?

In a world and life where there has been a need for me to be organized to the point of OC-ness to get my sh*t done efficiently and effectively, I sometimes forget about the inner chaos that comes so naturally to me.

This being said, I actually don't know if I could still leave my books in the state of "specialness" Hermana #3 does. But it surely has reminded me not have such a rigid stick up my bum every time one of my books is used. Hmm.. or maybe I should just convince Hermana #3 to buy more books instead :)

What do your books look like?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yeap-- I'm back here again, wanting to find myself back on track with my health (and thus, my diet & lifestyle).

Obviously, before I chug full speed ahead down this path, I need to get back on it.. thus the hoisting. Lol.

So I've been waiting for my schedule to regularize before I went down this path.. but I figure, why wait? May as well push and mold it to become "regular".

With age, hypothyroid, oral fixation and a weakness for anything edible working AGAINST me, I can't waste anymore time just putzing around.

While I'm in an office full of smokers, I'm glad I haven't careened down that trail again. But food glorious food.. why can't I just quit you?!

So today was Day 1 with exercise and conscious food intake. Can't wait for it to be Day 1001 to roll around. Hopefully, I won't be rolling around with it.

(pictures above - brother's burger's lamb burger with feta cheese & pesto. sigh.. on hold ka muna for a while k?) 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Day of School

This week is the start of the school year for kids in elementary and high school. Over lunch, a colleague shared both his excitement and anxiousness for his four-year-old's first day of school EVER.

This led to an animated conversation about kids and school- how school corridors are lined with yayas and moms reading or crocheting because their kids won't allow them to leave, how traffic builds up because of the ceremonies that happen once kids get out of their cars (baby powder + hair combed + words of wisdom & encouragement + hug + hatid; you wonder why a lot of this couldn't happen as the car was approaching the drop off point right?).

Made me remember mom's birthday letter to me last year, where she recounted a number of memories that flashed before her as she sat down to write me my card. One of which was on my first day of pre-school: "I remember I was the one having separation anxiety because you just waved at me and went marching right into your classroom".

Anyhu, makes me wonder.. do you know how your first day of school was?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Finger Gestures

I was covering a conference with a colleague recently. He looked over at me jabbing away at Stalone and asked: you think with your fingers too?!

Lol, apparently, my hands mimic my train of thought. When I stop typing to ponder on something in the middle of writing, my index finger points and extends.

Take heed next time you write, and let me know if you think with your fingers as well :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

let's get physical

must.want.should.need to exerrrrciiiiissseeeeee

nownownownownownownownow naaaaaa

2 months have past. the first month i was just lazy. this month i've just been up to my widow's peak in work and commitments.

remind me to start taking the stairs to our floor, starting churning out my work faster and getting my sleep schedule regularized so i can squeeze in some cardio at dusk or twilight.