Saturday, May 30, 2009

philippine love

due to the generosity of friends over the last two months, i've had the opportunity to do some philippine island hopping. because of this, i've fallen in love with the philippines all over again.

i remember my dad telling me years ago that i spend too much time traveling to other countries around the world, when there are so many wonderful places to visit in the philippines. not that i didn't agree, i just never got around to it for this reason and that. heck, i can't even organize a road trip to nearby provinces! but now that i've had the opportunity to see.. ok, rephrase, EXPERIENCE some of these places beautiful places, i'm hoping to be able to see more sooner rather than later.

the philippines really DOES have so many beautiful things to see. not just to see.. but to taste, hear, do, etc. getting out of the city is something everyone ought to do every once in a while. city living can really harden you. don't get me wrong, i love the city.. and honestly would probably pull my hair out if i had to live out in the province. in my last trip alone, i had to sleep under a mosquito net and get used to my eyes NOT adjusting at night because it was so dark (closing your eyes and opening them was the same experience.. outside of the light of a few fireflys, it was freaking BLACK out). i also trekked, half blind (ie: wearing the remaining half of my contact lens), through the inland jungle of one island in cheap flip flops while holding onto my snorkeling gear.. and mind you, there was a pseudo path already beaten out (if you call climbing up and down plains of f wet grass and slippery rocks a path..). half the time i was praying i wouldn't roll down a slope and the other time i was thanking God for being a city girl. regardless, the great experiences usually always outweigh the bad.

i've also had the chance to meet new people on these trips, many of them foreigners, backpacking through the country. seeing snapshots of photos they've taken during their stay is always interesting, because you see through their eyes the things that amaze them about our country. hearing them talk about their experiences so far is for the most part, a refreshing experience, and you really feel quite proud to be from this beautiful country they speak of. ironically, sometimes i think foreigners love the philippines more than we do!

should start planning my next trip. i'm excited to see more!

picture 1: jelly fish sunbathing on uninhabited island ( maosonon I, palawan)
picture 2: keeping safe month old sea turtle until they are ready to be released (pandan island, mindoro occidental)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Long Haul

It's been few months since I started on this kick to get healthy by loosing weight. The novelty and excitement is.. unsurprisingly.. wearing off.

Thousands of steps literally & physically taken, couple of pounds lost (20 to date), number of flattering compliments / words of encouragement received from people I know.. and unsurprisingly.. I am starting to drag my feet.

I am becoming relaxed about my eating habits. Exercise is becoming a chore and no longer stimulating. The weight loss is happening a little slower. Yes yes I know.. whine whine whine. But seriously, this is kind of where I'm at right now.

Isn't it supposed to be getting easier?! I've been doing so well building up my will power and discipline. But in the last week - I literally had to ask my family to kick me out of the house so I could exercise. And when I saw a snickers bar in my sisters bag? I almost stuffed the whole thing in my mouth, wrapper and all.

The good news is I am still freaking out about fluctuations in weight, or excessive eating of sweets. And every time I "mess up" - my rebound time is still pretty fast. The moment I start not to care then I should REALLY be worried. And this is something I've been mentally preparing myself for as I know there is always a shlump after a high, something I was able to extrapolate given that I've been trying (and failing!) at healthy living for say I dunno.. all my life?

Mental battle is upon us. Crunch time is now!