Saturday, June 15, 2013

Travel Eats: Gaggan

Hidden within the busy street of Langsuan in Bangkok, is an old wooden white colonial house that sets a beautiful backdrop for Gaggan.

Having studied under Ferran Andria of El Bulli fame, Gaggan Anand concocts amazing dishes that are of Indian heritage but interpreted for the palates of tomorrow.

It was my first taste of molecular gastronomy and it was an exciting and delicious experience!

Though I did get my fair share of dry ice & foam throughout the meal, my dinner mates did confirm that Gaggan's food felt more accessible than other molecular gastronomy menus they've had. As Indian cuisine does tend to be very homey and unpretentious, I would think that this balance was definitely intentional.

Pictures below! Not the best lighting situation but grateful nonetheless to be at a dinner where there was adequate light source.

Do check it out Gaggan: Progressive Indian Cuisine" next time you're in Bangkok!

Turn in from the busy street, walk through a long drive way to clear your senses, then be greeted by this beaut!

Our table

Gaggan's food journey begins... 

Welcome drinks.. molecular gastronomy you say? 

Why yes, a mango reduction please!

Beer all around.. because we're classy like that

G's sugar cane mojito 

My sangria sorbet

More welcome starters.. looks like egg, feels like egg.. but it ain't egg!

Even more starters! Deconstructed samosa... 

... and a little mutton burger with a side of pistachio in edible plastic 

"Viagra - French oysters freshly shucked served with kokam nectar and Indian mustard ice cream"

Tasty foam

"Egyptian Secret - foiegras with spiced onion chutney and cold raspberry foiegras powder" 

"Truffles - seasonal truffle potato mouse with pepper infusion" 

"Smoke it up - river king prawns tandoor grilled and finished with fennel
kachumber and charcoal oil"

"Game on - wild french quail sous-vide 6 hours with chettinaud spices crisp fried with pineapple chutney" 

Finger lickn' good

Pretty dollop of pineapple chutney

Add one 1.... 

"Free range baby lamb chops slow cooked and smoked with whisky smoke" 

Add on 2... what was left of "Iberian pork neck slow cooked in goan vinadaloo reduction"

"Sous vide curry - fresh water sea bass served in home grown raw mango curry" 

Post dessert dessert

"In Season - organic mahachanok mangoes in mouse and fresh ice cream with
100% silver"

Stuffed happy dinner guests

Friday, June 7, 2013

One of my favourite things to do is get to the airport early, treat myself to a Starbucks drink & dessert and start the process of brain decompression. Palette cleanser before the experiences that a new trip will bring if you may. 

I must say, I love that Singapore makes traveling so... Uncomplicated. Power of the SG$, ease of check in, automated immigration, easy going airport which in turn shuffles (for the most part!) about  easy going travellers. 

Traveling from Manila on the other hand, always feels like such a gargantuan effort. You save up for so long for even a short trip, traffic getting to the airport, queues, fees, and if you're traveling out of NAIA 1- then sad limbo areas. 

Anywho, holiday mode on, even if it just for the weekend!

Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm on leave from work today! Slept in, cleaned up, caught a streamed show then headed out to check on some prices for M.

Agenda for the rest of the day includes: grocery shopping, cooking for the week, bit of excersize (must must must do this!), then possiby head to bed early so I can get to work early tomorrow to catch up with mail and get prepped for the rest of the week. 

Work is crazy again - while I'm in it, its exciting - a bit of autopilot mode & thriled when i finish a stack of tasks. But when I get to stop, breathe & think about what I'm doing, I always freak out a little (ok, sometimes a lot). 

In other news, I had a moment of financial maddness yesterday. Once in a blue moon, I throw whatever control or discipline I have in my life and say "ahh f*ck it", and just buy. Which is what I did with my overnight trip to Bangkok this weekend. I blame it on a few things: (1) crazy need of a good massage - with no thanks to R who went home this past weekend to do just that, (2) crazy need of an out of town vacation - trips home & weddings where you have a role don't count as a vacation as they are more reaponsibiliy than they are relaxing, (3) reason to travel - G is celebrating her birthday. While there are groups plans, I plan to squeeze in a bit of me-time to get some much needed out of city R&R. Ill stress out about the financial implications later! 

In the meantime, I will sit and enjoy my giant breakfast for lunch (as my final meal before going back to calorie counting for the week), read, write a bit - and enjoy the present! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Turning Japanese on my 31st

I spent the afternoon at G & A's place where I cashed in my birthday gift from G - a home cooked Japanese-inspired lunch for me and my guests!

These plans have actually moved thrice since my birthday so it was a bit of a belated celebration. But hey, who am I to complain? I'd celebrate all year round if I could! 

An awesome gift in many ways. Firstly, I don't expect gifts so when I do get what, it is an incredible treat. Secondly, who doesn't like a gift which involves time and talent? Lastly, the bonus was that I got to spend a lovely, chill Sunday in amazing company, eating and drinking deliciously.

Oh yes - plus it gave me an opportunity to practice with my camera. Nothing thrills me more than capturing pictures of things that make me happy! 

Fresh flowers are always a lovely touch in any interior

Fresh salmon sashimi starters

Flowers by moi, arrangement by A. lol. 

Fresh wrapped in fresh

Pop of happy yellow

Japanese plum wine + wasabi peas

Beautiful Luna who has gotten accustomed to me camera stalking her

Party of 6

G's workspace

Red & blue

Our host & chef!

Some colourful.... scallions? 


Table setting

Udon with miso butter

Slow cooked pork belly

Vibrant & sweet Japanese pumpkin

And for dessert... some Japanese biscuits (yup... couque d'asses) with yuzu sorbet

... which we topped with4 delicious chocolate cakes

G & A's growing beer bottle collection

Some of my nearest and dearests: N

Some of my nearest & dearests: K

K's other half 

G's other half 

Some of my nearest & dearests: G

My APL beer's (belated birthday) wish for me this year: The strongest gaffe is the failure to laugh