Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Class

Recently started the intensive "photography for beginners" course I signed up for a few months ago.

It was highly recommended by D,  who said it was the best way to learn how to make the most of my camera's functions. Admittedly, photos shot on a DSLR's automatic mode still make the purchase worth it. But I'd only be cheating myself if I don't learn the1-2-3's of manual shooting, and allow myself more control over the outcome of my photos.

I still have to stop and have a real long think about what to do to what functions. This is especially annoying when you're immersed in an environment with so many great pictures to take and you can't take any of them yet! But fiddling around with settings is one of those things that can only get better the more you do it. I'm just glad that I'm finally getting it. I think. lol.

I have an obvious style that I'm comfortable with. Seeing the work of my classmates though, and chatting with my instructor has gotten me excited about pushing skill and how I see things through the camera.

Photos below are from our first guided shoot in Little India.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Itchy (Career) Feet

My ready and recent declaration to anyone who asked, was that I was sticking to this career path until I was sure I wanted to do something else.

Why you ask?


  1. It's a good company; I enjoy the people and the environment
  2. I like the work ENOUGH; it's challenging and I can see how I could grow in my field 
  3. Admittedly, I feel I need to build knowledge and skills in an industry
I've spent enough time faffing about in a business which I know I want nothing to do with anymore. This industry that I'm in... has potential. The current focus of this particular company? Definitely not something for me in the long run (famous last words?), but yes, perhaps something in the industry. 

Maybe it's my upbringing, a mix of personality and school environment growing up. Heck, it could also be seasonal. But, I've been having one of those "out-of-body-I-want-world-peace" moments when I ask myself "what am I doing with my life /career to make this world a better place?". 

Yes yes, very Ms. Universe of me - but seriously, it's a question thats always simmering at the back of my mind. For sure the "right" answer hits me at different scales of grandness. One day I'm content thinking that being the best "sister/daughter/friend/"insert current career role" " is enough. Other days I feel it's not - that I need to be extending myself beyond my current circles of influence and making a bigger dent in this world. 

Given my current career climb plus the practical need to finally earn decently and fulfill financial obligations I've personally committed too - what the heck do I do with myself now?!

I know I know, I JUST got here. But life's too short right? For all I know, I'll stay put where I am. But hey, just thought I'd throw it out there.

In the meantime, sharing a photo taken downtown 2 weeks ago. The area was flooded with kids in blue and yellow handing out flower for "World Kindness Day". It was lovely seeing these flowers eagerly being passed out. Almost as lovely as seeing smiley happy people walking around with these yellow blooms sticking out from their bags, hands.. or even behind the ears.

Odd that sometimes the most obvious of things need to be commemorated. But hey, who am I kidding. I am all about celebrating the simplest of joys. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Silver Anniversary

DB celebrates it's 25th year this year.

With a "food & drinks trail" theme - each of the offices took a few days off to celebrate. London went to Padstow, Amsterdam went to Maastricht and Singapore went to Siem Reap.

From our invitations, to the beautiful itineraries created, to thought and care that went into every single detail of the trip- the 3day affair was truly at par with the "standard" we practice at work.


  • Flight to Siem Reap
  • Check in at Tara Angkor
  • Lunch at NEST
  • Temple time (as we ran through the temples, I was grateful that I had the opportunity to see these beautiful complexes the year before) 
  • Free time (which was massage time for me at the hotel)
  • Anniversary dinner at FCC
  • Cooking competition! (Market run to buy ingredients then make 3 Cambodian dishes)
  • Lunch at Tara Angkor (eat what you made.. in fairness, not bad. hahaha), and announcement of winners (we lost, lol)
  • Free time (K & I rolled around our room)
  • Closing dinner (which I had the "honour" of hosting)
  • Dance dance dance all night & drink cheap drinks (at least compared to SG) in a seedy bar with the rest of DB. lol
  • Check out from Tara Angkor
  • Check in at FCC (K & I extended for a day more)
  • Final lunch at Champey 
  • Said byebye to DB while K & I stayed on 
  • Thanks to floods everywhere - we rolled around our hotel room.. again
  • Lovely lovely dinner & quiet evening with K, Z & S. The name of the restaurant escapes me but it was damn good and for quality of food we were eating, damn cheap!
  • Check out & fly home

Saturday, November 12, 2011

SK's Big Day

SK and I have been friends for as long as I remember. Growing up there was horseback riding, altar girls, forced singing &/or dancing performances at parties, slumber parties, Freshman year.. the list goes on.

Naturally, I was thrilled of course she told me she was engaged. And then.. I felt old. Lol. I think it may have all of a sudden hit me that geez, we really HAVE grown up!

SK married her man in magical Bali about a month ago. It was a lovely wedding, and a relaxing weekend away. Aside from a bit of sweatshop work of manually putting together the chocolate giveaways - my only official role was to host... the actual ceremony. Hehe. So while the other bridesmaids were running about attending to the bride, me and a few other friends spent the rest of the weekend relaxing. Leisurely breakfasts, a good number of hours on a sun bed facing the ocean with smoothies and cocktails, massages, having the most amazing meals - you name it, we probably DIDNT do it because we were "busy" lazing about.

Aside from the obvious bumming, and witnessing SK's dream wedding, it was great to catch up with old classmates and the Titos & Titas from the old crew. All in all - an awesome weekend away I'd say!

Welcome drinks and fragrant cold towels upon our arrival at Ayana Resort & Spa 
Some of Ayan's lovely details 
Pool upon pool upon pool at Ayana

Beautiful door frame @ Ayana

Banana Pancake at Warung Made (nom nom nom)

I think we spent 4 hours just sitting on this sun bed - moving from sun to
sunset, smoothies to cocktails

Love love love this restaurant - beautiful place and delectable French food.
Above is a friend's appetizer of scallops & Foie Gras
After I had my lobster ravioli & rack of lamb - I finished off my meal with some sinful mille feuille 

Prep the boxes, cut & tie the ribbons, attach the charms.
Godiva goodies handcarried by R from Seattle to HongKong to Bali

SK & C 
The most insane shower I have ever seen - at the beautiful Ayana Villa 
Wedding reception

Wish tree at the Reception

Thanks too guys!