Tuesday, July 14, 2009

silly fears

i had this fear when i was a kid, which i think has carried on to well.. present day: i think twice before walking over things like planks, covers of drains, etc..

i suppose there is a fear of the "cover" giving way and falling through. it has never happened yet & hopefully it never will!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

foto favorites

i thought i had lost this photo, so extremely happy that i was able to salvage the SD card! this was taken during a trip i took 2 months ago to Pandan Island. it was a bit of a trek from the airport in San Jose, the longest part being riding a rickety old, tin can frame of a bus in and ontop of with happy locals (people are really much friendlier outside of the city noh?). anway, this nanay and her grandkids (i assume) climbed onto the bus at one point and i offered them what little corner of a bus seat i had. after bouncing around on the bus for a few minutes, i realized it would make a beautiful shot and able to capture it some what. i would love to take better pictures of people, develop the ability of capturing their emotion. i think i'd need to own a more advanced camera though with a faster shutter speed. my camera phone and the point & shoots i am able to borrow from generous friends can only do so much.

this photo was also taken on the same bus trip. these provincial busses allow men to sit ontop of the bus. at one point, i had a window seat and had this dangling above my head for a while. i was so tempted to shove his slippers off his feet. hehehehe. but i was on this trip for a vacation and not to get my head chewed off by a local :D i contented myself with snapping photos instead.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Half Way There

Well sorta. Half way to my August goal. But far from my ultimate goal. But hey, it's all about baby steps right?

As of today I'm supposed to have lost a total of 10 pounds. As of last week, I was at the 10 pound mark, so I'm pleased as punch.

I refuse to weigh myself this week though. After days of carefree eating and unfocused exercise, I'm nervous about a weigh in.

Since I have about a month to go, I'm considering doubling up my efforts just so I can ensure reaching my goal, or perhaps even going well beyond it. I'm nervous about weight gain in the US. It will definitely take a new level of discipline from me.

Friday, July 3, 2009

LRT art

Saw this a few weeks ago but only able to write about it now. Doing my usual route to Katipunan, via the CUBAO lrt station. Had a happy surprise waiting for me when I entered the terminal.

There was a roped off area with makeshift panels showcasing select entries from an LRT ART competition - I'm assuming the theme would be something like artwork inspired by the LRT? I saw promotional posters weeks before that but never bothered to stop and read it.

Needless to say, the work showcased is really good. Alot of different styles and a lot of different techniques. Some very modern in interpretation, others very stylized. I have no idea how they will choose a winner or if they've chosen one already.

Outside of it being a brighter unexpected moment in my day, it further emphasized the fact that Filipinos in general, are just so damn talented! It's really amazing. In general, I consider myself average in a lot of the different things I dabble in. It's so humbling to be blown away by people who REALLY excel in something.

I wish I was able to have gotten closer to the work to have gotten better shots. There was a lot of work I couldn't appreciate becasue I simply couldn't see it.

Never the less, wanted to share some...