Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thailand Sleeps

With a trip to Phuket & Bangkok several weeks behind me - finally getting around to posting about it. I can't believe I've waited this long to visit Thailand! As it's a pretty common trip to make - definitely a top 3 go-to when people generally think of places to visit in Asia.

Though it may seems like I've taken a lot of vacations over the last few months - this trip TRULLY felt like a REAL vacation.. you know, the kind where you don't need a vacation from your vacation when it's done? It was a nice mix of sigh-seeing at our own leisure, eating, bumming, shopping, resting.

Now time to photo dump. First up - our accommodations!

Sugar Palm Grand Hillside's concept was a new one for me - spacious, concrete floors in the bedroom and bathroom, massive shower and bath. Smelled slightly damp, breakfast buffet was expensive and nothing great, but all in all - enjoyed myself! Spent a few days just rolling around the room, and it was a great room to do that in. Location was great too - far away from the bustle of the town, but not too far away that it was an inconvenience to get there.

LUXX XL in Bangkok was AMAZING! Initially we were going to stay elsewhere so I'm really glad those first plans didn't push through. Hehe. The rooms were cozy, lots of visually engaging details in the lobby, massive hallways and doors which were great, awesome breakfast set in a lovely breakfast room, wah.. i could go on and on.  Even the slippers I loved. Not a fan of the club music playing in the lobby, as well as the the glass bath "curtain" in the bathroom but no major biggie! As flights to BKK are pretty affordable from SG - would definitely consider heading back for some proper R&R.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Home Additions

While still trying to keep the clutter at a minimum, made a few more additions to the home: some of my photos up on the wall, and 2 new chairs.

One chair I added to my kitchen table so I am not at the mercy of the floor / coffee table or a stool when I want to get some proper work done.

With the other chair, I created a new little space in my studio - a reading nook! It's in between the fridge, washing machine and bathroom so admittedly, it is in a strange place, but I personally don't mind.  I wanted to make the most of the natural light and thus, wanted to create a space around the largest window in my room. It tends to get a little dark by the other window deeper in my room; I wind up using artificial light when it starts to get dark which I feel is rather silly if the other end of my room is still bright! Oh, and it finally gave me an excuse to buy the chair I was obsessed about years ago!

These were "impulse" purchases. Impulse in the sense that I made a last minute decision to run to IKEA at 9pm one evening to buy and lug these home, "impulse" in the sense that I really have been sitting on this idea for quite some time now.

A lot of people wait until they own their home before making an effort to make it.. homey. To be fair, I was, and in some regard, still am of the same mind frame. Why make an effort to invest in a place that isn't yours? At the same time though - who knows what the future holds for any of us? I still have no idea where I want to make a permanent home for myself, or if I even want to ever own my own home. I know it's rather cliche but all we can be certain of IS today right? So while I'm making the most of my present, I may as well make the most of where I'm living too.

On another note, I just signed for another year in my little home. My my my - how fast a year can fly by!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Checking In

My vacay in Thailand felt like eons ago when in reality it was only about 2 weeks ago. 

Weekend after I arrived, my family came to visit so hosting duties doubled by franctic work me knocked the wind out of me. 

One last push this week with work looking to peak (ie: one man team at work!!! but new team mate joining the week after) and R flying back home. After that, I'm looking forward to a month of no major schedule commitments; my wallet and sanity are crying out for calm routine! For those that know me, you know I go a little crazy if I don't get regular time alone time to chill and re-energize!

With many commitments planned late last year, I knew this quarter and a half were going to be mad. Weddings, trips, family and friends visiting - I was excited for the longest time for all of them to happen and couldn't wait for them to happen! With all that anticipation, it's strange to think that it's all over.

Years ago, I could only daydream about what would be coming up next. I don't know if it's the age or the independence, but it's nice to be able map out my life. And when I say map, I mean planning it knowing that it can actually happen, as opposed to day dreaming and hoping it will come true. 

R is out for the afternoon which means I not only have my computer back, but have about half a day to do my favorite thing in the world - roll around and putter at home by myself. Reading, sorting photos, catching up with answering email, blogging, cleaning - can't wait!!!

Due to frequent use, these babies have been living downstairs and out of hiding
over the last few months. Happy to have finally put them away last week,
at least until the next trip in July!