Sunday, January 29, 2012


My living space is a bit tricky - its long and narrow with high white walls. I can't do much to the physical structure unless I want to pay lots of money to bring it back to its original form the day I move out. 

When I first moved into my studio I did one trip to Ikea to buy what I deemed as essentials. Yes, disclaimer lang because I know many are still amusingly shocked that I "survived" months without a mug (bowls did just fine until someone at work took pity on me and gave me a mug, lol), a trashcan (pwede na plastic underneath my sink noh) and a few other things. If I can stuff a pillow case with laundry and use it as a pillow, then you bet I can get used to living simply ;)

Anywho - after half year of living with "bare essentials" - I made a trip back to Ikea to buy a few more things to make my studio more homey. I've always loved my little space, but I love it more now. Perfect for a homebody like me!

I've hosted a few people in my Singapore home (6x to date!) over the last 8 months I've lived here. One of the deciding factors for me in blowing my initial budget and getting my own little space (as opposed to sharing a larger flat with others) was the possibility of having family and friends visit and stay over. Tomorrow, 2 new guests will be arriving - my mom and my tita! First time family will be visiting actually and first time I'll have 2 people over at the same time. 

Palazzito P (yes - hostel chain of Palazzo Plazo, lol) will be full house! It'll be a little tight - I managed to fit a queen-size air mattress in a space as big as the air mattress -  but it'll (hopefully) still be comfortable. I've lived in tighter "happy houses" and it's always been a lot of fun. Trial and error for when Palazzito P reaches maximum capacity in May when my A, M & R come and visit!

I'm trying to keep my "stuff" at a minimum though - less clutter is good for my life and my sunday cleaning days! I'm just waiting for a few more things for my wall and then I think I'll be done - for now :) 

Sorry naman, I've filed away the original photo - so screenshot from PDF will have to do!
Snapped this picture when I was first deciding on whether or not to get it.

Few more pieces to home-ify the place
A little nature to green up the place

Living area transformed into a 2nd sleeping space

Friday, January 27, 2012

Royal (Design) Wedding

Went home to Manila over the Chinese New Year break for a number of reasons. One big reason was to attend the wedding of two dear friends I made during my one-year stint at my previous firm. 

Devil was truly in the details for this wedding, so I wish I had (1) brought my big camera, and (2) had more time to take pictures. Given my outfit (ie: tiny bag) and my wedding duties (reception host & 1 of the well-wisher speakers) - iPhone snapshots had to suffice.

It was a tasteful, beautiful and intimate wedding. I expected nothing less from the up and coming family of design, but still, it blew me away! The whole affair was straight forward and simple, yet elegant and fun. Couple really did away with the frills and focused on making it an affair their guests would enjoy - very telling of the generous two. Ceremony was solemn and happy (go ACS! hehe). Bride & groom glowed and looked perfect. Cake and food was DELICIOUS. Reception venue was unique and beautifully dressed.

Congrats and big big hugs E + T. You 2 surely know how to throw a wedding! Do it again together next year? hehe.

Invitation wrapped and beautifully tied

Monogram and layout on page perfect captures both personalities to a T!
Love love love - segregation of info, iconography, fonts chosen
No detail left out!

ACS serenaded the couple for the ceremony. Luckily, my kiddie loves were part of the cast
so got to hug them, even if it was for a few minutes

ACS sings - 20+ were available that day! 
E & T tie the knot! 
Lovely table settings - perfect with the magnificent food that evening
CCP reception - beautifully dressed! Bagay with the woodland creatures theme  
E & T - well... T & E. lol
Photo op with first family of design
Long time friend of the E and friend from ACS - got to spend QT with Tr & her family at the reception

With the newly weds (PS: I LOVE T's gooooowwwwn) 
Bumped into Bizu owner and freshmen year barkada - Auds!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

2011 In Review: Quarter 1

A little bit late, but better late than never I must say!

Wanted to recap my year in quarters, and as always, through pictures!

2011 was an awesome awesome year - ups and downs but steady climb upward and onwards I'd like to think! Year of blessings for sure.

Through it all though, a constant theme that ran through my 12 months (and all my years I forsee!) is new experiences- no matter how big or small. Through work, travel, family and friends.

Work: photoshoots, books, avp shoots, and event design with B+C, TATLO and ACGC 90th anniversary with ACS, and a build for Renovate to Educate.

Travel: back to baguio for the first time in over 20 years for the wedding of a friend's sister, and first time in Donsol to go swimming with whale sharks!

Family & Friends: continued making new memories with long time friends - dinners, lunches, sleepover all wrapped up in nonstop laughter and merry making. And well, time with family of course!

thank you e.gavas for the photo

Sunday, January 15, 2012

These are a Few..

... of my favorite things!

Letters, and fonts and types and all that jazz!

Pasta noodles that come in all shapes and sizes! love love love

Disney Pasta!

Oh how I love you letters out of different material!

Love and Lust ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Much delayed post about the holidays coming up...!

Hailing from a country that celebrates Christmas very early on in the year, I was very late in feeling the Christmas spirit. So much so that by the time it hit me in mid-December, I wanted to drop everything (ie: work) and just run back to the Philippines.

I figured there were only 2 extreme ways to go: hide or see everyone. After the crazy work weeks leading up Christmas, I was very tempted to do the former. But very happy I ended up doing the latter.

With dinners and errands booked everyday, my week and a half back home flew by. It was so lovely being home that mid-way through the trip, I found myself looking for ways to slow down time and delay having to come back to Singapore.

As much as I enjoyed it though, I have to admit that when I landed back in Singapore, there was definitely a sense of relief and free- breathing. The more I do, the more I need to just be. Thinking I should factor this in next time around if I can help it!

So glad my company gives us the week off between Christmas and New Year. Maybe this year I should do as many of my colleagues do and extend the break a little longer to REALLY make it a holiday. This way, I'll be able to spend it with family and friends, but also quiet time with myself.

ACGC kiddies dinner at BGC. Photo c/o JOM

ACS kiddie couture during the annual Christmas party. Theme this year? Kiddie party! Photo c/o JOM

Matching necklaces for me, my sisters and my mom 

My first social engagement for the break: afternoon with L

Having been part of that semi-circle for so many Chrsistmas' - it was a great change to experience it from the audience!

Dinner with P one evening...

...followed by drinks with X & L

Merienda with some of the Sesqui-Tandres girlies

Stopped by the old office...

... and had dinner and catchup with the soon to be weds!

Playing "who can smile the longest" w/ R - new silly game to add to our roster of random games

Home made mini cinnamon rolls with ice cream at a family reunion

Quiet noche buena with the family

It was a hoot seeing my parents Skyping for the first time together with some old friends from J-Town. First time chatting with each other in YEARS!!

With lola, great grandma and mom

Yummy gingerbread people made by M


Bakloo Bear


Lola & lolo at a another family reunion

M's new addiction - fruit ninja