Monday, May 31, 2010

Work Load

One month in and I feel like I've been with the group forever.

My current priorities, plus all the "smaller" priorities I'm finishing up for the year are keeping me busy, busier than I've been in a while. I find myself incredibly spent at the end of the day.

Some days I wonder if I've bitten off more than I can chew and long for consecutive days where I can stay up all night, sleep in all day, roll around, slow down my days and dilly dally all I want. I don't know how others manage to squeeze in the world, and then some. I'll get to that point someday soon I hope!

Most days I'm very happy with where I'm at. I'm happy to be moving forward, to be committing 200% to something and pushing myself to grow.

I'm anxious to get to that point where work happily balances out with my personal life and I don't feel like I've thrown myself under a bus every time I wake up in the morning. In the meantime, I'm having a good time trying to balance it out.

I'm eager to learn and excited about the projects I'm handling, the people I'm working with and the characters I'm meeting. I'm excited about growing in my new role and becoming real good at what I'm doing.

And while it ain't the kind of green I was hoping to be earning at this point, I'm grateful for a steady paycheck and the wisdom that comes with having run amuck with your finances at one point in your life.

So yes, tired bliss is where I'm at at the moment, and where I'll probably nest and make my home in for the next year.

But I haven't forgotten about my other plans! And don't forget about them too. They're still there. On hiatus for the moment and waiting to be revisted at some point next year.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Return of Stalone

I was Stalone-less for the last few days.

I made the decision to use office equipment so as not to bog down Stalone with heavy graphic files. At the same time, I "gave up" Stalone for a few days to have him looked at.

During the morning of my transition at work, I transfered to an old laptop, and after about another hour, I moved to a desk top. At home I puttered around a PC.

While I enjoyed not having to lug him around everywhere, I did miss the comfort of familiarity & speed with him.

Slaves to technology we have become noh?  Withdrawals from the very things are no fun at all.

Stalone is now back and I couldn't be happier.

Monday, May 24, 2010

what the: Airplane Decorum

And since we are on the subject of airplanes.. I'd like to take up a teeny bit of cyberspace to note down a few rants I have about airplane etiquette:

  • 90% of the waiting lounge run up and board anyway when FA's call for the boarding of "mothers with children" first. 
  • Noisy people on the airplane. Though admittedly, I've probably been one of the noise makers in the past.
  • 90% of airport passengers getting up BEFORE the seatbelt sign is switched off and making a dash for their stowed luggage while the plane is taxing to a stop.
  • Celphones not being turned off & being used while in flight. And for those that do turn it off, rush to turn it on the minute you land (ok.. i do the latter sometimes too. lol
I'm sure if you give me some more time, I could probably list a few more. But the above? Ya..  it pulls my "uhg" chain every time I travel. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Window Seat

The novelty of sitting by the window wore off when I was a kid. My preference now a day, especially during long-hauls, are aisle seats as it is quicker access to the bathroom.

Thanks to a crazy schedule back in the day where I'd be running on an average of 3 - 4 hours of sleep a day, I used to always be dead asleep the minute I hit the chair.

I chanced on getting a window seat on a recent trip out and was awake during take off. It was late in the evening, and I glanced outside as we pulled away from the Philippines.

What I saw was pretty darn amazing! I forgot just how awesome that parting view can be and just how breathtaking a network of twinkling lights can look from up above.

Hmmm... may need to give some thought to seat preference next time I fly

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Work Space

I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith when I went from freelance to full time employment.

I'm hoping my timing isn't premature but I really have to share that so far, everything's coming up roses.

I have a long list of things that thrill me about what's keeping me busy now a day. One serendipitous thrill is having my very own desk!

I know it seems like a funny thing to be happy about, and I never would have thought I'd derive some sort of joy from it.. but I have. I was cleaning out the files of the employee who worked at my desk before me, and after hour of sorting, was left with an empty space, a blank canvas beckoning me to come and spruce it up.

In my first job - I shared a huge conference table with my business partner. Sometimes with 2 of my business partners when one would fly on a business trip and work in the city for a few days. We each had a file box to keep all of our personal files and belongings. And while I kept that up for 5 years straight, in retrospect, it felt very impersonal and temporary.

With the next project I took on, I technically had my own desk. I say technically because while it may have been assigned to me, I always felt as if I was squatting on someone else's property. I'd come in after a few days and all this office mess stuff had crawled its way onto my table. My drawers had become secret hiding places of old files no one knew what to do with and even the space under my desk has become "temporary" storage for documents being used in ongoing projects. It too felt like an interim workspace.

The work I took on after didn't even afford me a desk. The nature of my work had me in meetings the whole day with clients or sporadically working in a small corner of the office cordoned off for us. Amusingly enough, our special section changed as months progressed - we would be surprised to find random employees in our cubicles one day, then on another day to find it completely furniture free. Currently, the space is being used as storage and our area has been trimmed down to a desk that I share with two other consultants.

In between all of that, I did a number of freelance project which thanks to Stalone, my laptop, had me working remotely anywhere and everywhere- dining room, in bed, in a cafe, in a canteen.

I'm loving that I have the ability to work remotely, but I think the Taurean in me is thrilled that I have a permanent workspace I can make my own and call home.

Monday, May 3, 2010

10 years ago...

Before I get lost in my 28th year - thought I'd take the opportunity to look back and see where I was 10 years ago.

10 years ago...

...I was 18! First minute into my birthday began with a surprise bedroom visitor who came bearing 18 roses. The day ended with a surprise party thrown by my friends at home. Birthdays have been mellower over the last few years, but they have been, and still are, celebrated with the people I love most.

...I was a high school senior: studying, theater, central student government, and the school paper. Very much ontop of my sh*t. Life got a little more challenging after. Lol.

... I was being chauffeured around by a driver, in the loveliest of cars. Circumstances have changed since then. I am now a MASTER commuter!

... I spoke a drop of Tagalog. Now I speak a drizzle of Tagalog, a shower of bastardized Taglish & a deluge of gayspeak.

...I became a college freshman at the Ateneo.. & experienced the biggest culture shock of my life. First two classes? Women's Ping Pong & Filipino. Oh lordy.

... I 'moved out' - began renting an apartment facing school and experienced living by myself for the first time ever.

...I began what is now a life-long love affair with the ACGC. 'Nuf said.

...I got over one love &  re-fell in love with whom I thought was my one true love - oh boy. *insert rolling eyes emoticon*. Really glad that long and dragging chapter is over and done with.

... my little sisters were 15 & 10, and I towered over them. Now they tower over me.

... I got my driver's license! And still haven't driven since :D

... I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with my life. And after 4 years in college, 5 years as an entrepreneur, a few months as a project manager, HR consultant and now a design manager, I still don't know. But finally enjoying trying to figure it out.

I thought by now I would've ruled the world - become a famous stage actress, or a high powered corporate robot or a respected media mogul. Then again, I thought I'd be "there" by 25, wherever that there was. Things haven't really turned out that way, but you know what's, that's ok. My life has been blessed and for that I'm grateful.

It's been a week into my 28th year and so far, so good. Great actually! Should be a kick-ass year.