Thursday, August 27, 2009


After doing so much traveling in packs (groups? schools? armies? quiver?) and not having had the chance to travel alone in a really long time, I was a little nervous about traveling by myself, especially for such a long trip with numerous little trips inbetween.

I have a tendancy to just kinda space out when I travel in a big group (think: flock of sheep.. going where I'm told to go). Whether because it's routine, or because I'm just too excited at the opportunity of non-responsibility is something I'll need to figure out myself. But yes.. nonetheless.. tad bit of nervousness.

But be it the excitement of travel, or already thinking about what was waiting for me at each destination I visited, there was definitley this delicious feeling of freedom I felt while I lined up to check in my luggage which proceeded to bubble over when I got through immigration and all of the official stuff.

It is exciting being anonymous and being unattached to the responsibilities I was leaving behind for a while. It is a fabulous feeling to meander as you please and to just be with yourself. That 8 hour layover? Loved it. Walk, browse through stores, buy coffee, a snack, sit, stand, read a book, write an email. Whatever.

Is that a selfish thought? Perhaps not. While exploring new places is an obvious joy, I'm glad I was able to take it a step further and find new found pleasure in traveling.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Infinite Internet

sockets on the bus for gadget charging

surfing the web on the way back to NYC

Flew via United on my domestic flights during this visit to the US. Not much to say about it except paid INTERNET WAS AVAILABLE during your flight!!

And I discovered this the last time I took the boltbus (boston - new york route) but... free INTERNET IS AVAILABLE on the bus ride as well!!

Not that I should be surprised with the rapid progress of the internet and wireless accessibility now a day but seriously!! Amazing I tell you.

Wonder when the Philippines will catch up..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stress Free Searching

Filing my pieces and storing them this way has been keeping this small part of my life stress free over the last year.

I can recall days in the past where I'd be snarling in the basement, wiping sweat away with dusty hands, digging through piece after piece after piece after piece.. and still not finding what I wanted! This would especially piss me off if I was rushing off somewhere because of course I'd look for the pieces at the very last minute right?

I finally found a system that worked for me and proceeded to put it together shortly after I left my company (oh the things you can do with time on your hands). I haven't looked back since. And happily finding my pieces in MINUTES.

If you know me, then you know I'm pretty disorganized by nature. So having something like this is nothing short of a miracle!

Now if only I could keep my folders consistently in alphabetical order. It would surely cut my time down to seconds ;)

Bag Bliss

So back in the day (very very back in the day!) while living abroad, every trip out my parents took, my mom would return with a bag to add to her bag closet. When we moved back home years late, we discovered to my mom's horror, that a lot of her bags were ruined in the shipment due to I suppose humidity and what not. A lot of the leather started to crack and crumble.. it was truly a sad sad sight. Mom had to get rid of a good number of her stash (cue single rolling tear drop..).

I serendipitously rediscovered the left over stash she no longer uses which include brands such as Celine, Charles Jordan, Dooney and Burke, Coach, LV, Ferragamo and Gucci (cue pseudo-squeal of glee).

I don't know if it was a sign of the times, or Mom's then baduy taste (or both.. hehehe), but you see some of these bags and you're like.. "what the?!". A lot of thick heavy leather, and odd shaped bags that don't fit anything in them! Today, bags can fit everything including the kitchen sink! I can easily stash maybe 7 of these old bags into one of the bags I now use.

The good news is that a few of them (few meaning.. I can count them on one hand), even though the leather has gotten a little tough and even though they kind of reek of old smelly leather (which I'll have to wipe down with baking soda), they are still usable. Useless for everyday but I'm thinking good for travel - you know, to hold your passport, book, wallet, phone, etc.. just so it's within your reach? Thankfully most of them have that one long strap you can adjust.. so instant small messenger tote! So will be trying out a few to see how they hold up, in preparation for an upcoming trip.

These will have to do until I can afford my own :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Silly Fears II

As a kid I HATED having to close these big golf umbrellas (and we had lots of them due to my Pops being an avid golfer).

Actually, who am I kidding.. big golf umbrella, dinky fold up umbrella.. as long as it had one of these spring loaded thingies.. I steered clear away. Strange actually because I don't actually ever recall getting hurt (if that's even possible) by one of these things.

Now a day they don't bother me so much (ie: I don't go screaming for my Yaya to close it for me..). You may notice though that before having to close one of them, I will pause for a second or two to hold my breath.

Funny how some things you never REALLY get over.